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If someone you love has died, we are here for you.

We can help you arrange a funeral which is meaningful and personal,

either in Church or at a crematorium or cemetery.

Who can have a church funeral?

Anyone who lives in the Parish (the area local to the church) is legally entitled to a funeral at Morecambe Parish Church, or a service taken by one of our clergy at a crematorium or cemetery.

You can still have a church funeral, even if you (or the person who has died) are not a regular churchgoer.

Whoever you are, we would be very pleased to welcome you to MPC.

Can we make the service personal to our family?

Yes.   There are some things (e.g. prayers), which are always included in a Church of England funeral, but there's also plenty of opportunity to choose your own music, readings and pictures.

If you choose to have the funeral service in church, we can also play a slideshow or video, and are able to livestream for family/friends who aren't able to attend in person.

How much does it cost?

We try to keep the costs down as much as possible, although there are certain legal fees that we have to charge for funerals.  These will be included in the fees you pay to the Funeral Director, so you won't have to pay us anything directly.

There are no charges for the funeral of a child (aged under 18).

I'm thinking about planning my own funeral...

Thinking about your own funeral is a really good thing to do, even if it's hopefully quite a long way off!

There is lots of helpful guidance on the Church of England webpage (click on the orange banner below).  Any member of the MPC ministry team would be more than happy to chat to you too.

How to Book

Ask your funeral director to contact us, and they will do the rest.

Find out more

Visit the Church of England's Funerals page

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