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Accessibility and Inclusion

We want everyone to be equally valued, welcomed and included.

Here are some of the access arrangements you can expect at MPC.

We know we still have work to do,

so if you have an access need that isn't addressed here,

or you have suggestions for improvement, please do get in touch.

Accessing the building

There is step-free access to the church via the west doors.

Sadly, our Victorian pews aren't super-helpful if you use a wheelchair or mobility aid.  The front pews  are wheelchair-accessible.  If you would prefer to sit elsewhere in the church, please tell us and we will help you find somewhere which meets your needs.

There is on-street parking close to the church, and more parking spaces are available in the War Memorial car park.

There is an accessible toilet at the back of the church.  You are welcome to use it at any point before, during or after the service.

Reading the printed materials

Our noticesheets are printed in Gill Sans point 14, black on white.  They are available in large print, and online here.

Hymns, Bible readings and some prayers are normally projected onto a large screen, printed white on black.  If you need print or electronic copies, please tell us.  There are also printed Bibles available in the pews.

Our service books are printed in Palatino Linotype point 12, black on pastel coloured.  We'd be happy to produce these in a different format for you; please let us know what you need.

Hearing the service

Everyone who speaks during the service (worship leaders, readers, etc.) will be using a microphone.

Most of the words used in the service will also be available to read, either in the printed service book or on the screen.

A hearing loop is fitted in the church; please turn your hearing aid to T.

We can arrange a BSL interpreter by request; please give us as much notice as possible.

Being neurodivergent at MPC

The MPC church family is already proudly and happily neurodiverse, including people of many different neurotypes.

We know that everyone's needs and preferences are different, so please tell us what you need, and don't feel you have to do anything you're not comfortable with.  

We're very used to different communication styles and to lots of different ways of stimming, so feel free to unmask and be who you are.

Joining us from home

Even if you're not able to join us in person, you are still a valued member of the church family.

Our Sunday morning service is always streamed on Facebook, and we often stream other events and services.

The weekly noticesheet is available online here and you can find up-to-date details of what's on via Facebook or here.

If you'd like a visit from one of our team, or you'd like to receive Holy Communion at home, please get in touch.

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