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Baptism (also called Christening) is a welcome into the family of the Church.

Many people are Baptised as babies, but there's no age limit.

We'd love to welcome you for a Baptism at MPC!

When do Baptisms happen?

We usually run Baptism services on Sundays at 12:30 pm.  This is a special service, and it will usually just be you and your family there.

We will ask you to attend a Baptism preparation evening before the service.  They are normally held on Monday evenings.

If there's a reason those times and days wouldn't work for your family, we can offer other times too, so please do get in touch.

If you're already a regular at MPC, you might want to have your child (or yourself!) Baptised at the service you normally attend.  We'd be delighted to do that with you - please come and have a chat!

Do I have to be a churchgoer to have my child Baptised?

No - if you live locally, you have the right to have your child Baptised here.

Before the Baptism, we will ask you to attend a service at MPC at least once.  That's so you have a chance to meet us, and get to know what we believe.

As part of the Baptism service, the child's parents and godparents will be asked to make some promises about bringing the child up in the Christian faith.  If you don't feel able to make those promises, Baptism might not be right for you and your family.  Come and have a chat with us if you're not sure.

How do I choose godparents?

Every child who is Baptised needs at least one godparent.  Traditionally, babies were given three (two of the same gender and one of a different gender), but you don't have to stick to that.

There is no minimum age for godparents, but they must be mature enough to understand the promises they are making and the responsibility they are taking on.

Anyone wanting to act as a godparent must already have been Baptised.

How much does it cost?

Nothing - Baptism is free!

If you'd like to make a donation to the Church to help support our work in Morecambe, we'd be delighted to receive it!

How to Book

Come and see us in the church any Tuesday evening 3:30 - 6:00 pm

or catch up with us after a service

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Find out more

Visit the Church of England's Christenings page

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